American Woman
In My Landscape
The Lonely Ones
Strange New Street

American Ditties (Group of 4 dances)
Boston John (Shaker)
Casey At The Bat
The Critic
Hot Afternoons in Montana (Lament)
The Lawyer
Punch Drunk (Parade)
Strawberry Roan

Gift of the Magi - 1 act
Mitty - 1 act ***

Ethan Frome
Hiawatha's Childhood
In My Landscape
The Mystic Trumpeter
Rhapsody for Two Pianos & Orchestra
Song of Life
Symphony in A Minor (Birdsong Symphony)
Tone Poem for String Orchestra

Canons, Preludes and Fugues
Chorale - Prelude
Chorale and Variations
Toccata (from Greatest of These)

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

Mystic Trumpeter


Ethan Frome

Andante Cantabile (from "Mitty")
Cappricio Fantastico (Scherzo)
Ditties (piano arr.of 4 dances)
Etude I
Etude II
Four pieces for children
Fugue in Blue
Fugue in Yellow
In My Landscape
Parade (satire of French Street Band)
Poetic music
Sonata in E Minor
Toccata for Piano
Two-voice Etude
Waltz (from American Woman)
Waltz and Berceuse (from Reunion)

Capriccio Fantastico
Fugue in Yellow
Jazz Toccata
Waltz (a Duet from American Woman)

All Creatures of Our God & King (Alleluia) ***
Alleluia Motet
Bless Jehovah O My Soul
Bow Down Thine Ear, O Lord
Canticle of Praise ***
Canticle of the Bells
Chicago, Prairie Gem of Illinois
Christmas Carol, The Holly & The Ivy
Christmas Night
Creation (Song of Life)
Give Us New Dreams for Old ***
Harp of the North (Male Chorus)
Hiawatha's Childhood
How Far Is It To Bethlehem
If Ye Love Me
In the Lonely Midnight
Little Children, Wake & Listen
Lo, The Day of Days is Here ***
Now Wander, Sweet Mary (Wolf-Aborn arr.)
The Glory of the Spring
The Kings of the East ***
To Music ***
When The Herds Were Watching

A Good Wife (Proverbs 31)
Alone in the Night
American Names
Ancient Prayer (on The Wall of an Inn)
Apache Indian Wedding Blessing ***
Awake, Awake For Night Is Flying
Casey At The Bat
Do Not Go Gently Into That Goodnight ***
Each In His Own Tongue
Fall Leaves Fall
For Everything There Is a Season ***
God is Our Refuge and Strength
Great Spirit Whose Voice I Hear in the Winds
High O'er The Lonely Hills ***
Hoar Frost
How Do I Love Thee
I Asked The Heaven of Stars
Her Love Is Like An Island ***
Make Me An Instrument of Thy Peace ***
Miracles (Whitman)
My Country Is The World ***
My Gift (xmas)
My Shepherd is The Lord My God
New Dreams for Old (God Who Through Ages Past)
Night Is Come
Night Song At Amalfi
Now That Spring is in The World (Easter Prayer)
O Brother Man ***
Once More, The Liberal Year ***
Once To Every Man and Nation ***
Private Enterprise
Psalms from the Pilgrim Song Book ***
Romance ***
Salutation of the Dawn (Look To This Day) ***
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day ***
Solfege In G (a memorial)
Song of Songs (Solomon)
Songs For Chatka - 8 Nursery Songs ***
Sonnet 116 ***
Summer Days Are Come Again ***
Thank You God For This Most Amazing Day ***
The Greatest of These - 3 songs from Cor 13
The Hallowed Season
The Prince of Peace
The Shell ***
The Waters Mid Their Lilies Slept
There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind
T'is Winter Now ***
Today The Peace of Autumn
Unheard, The Dews Around Me Fall
Weep You No More, Sad Fountains
What Tomas And Buile Said - I Saw God

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